Expectation · Gratitude · Recommendations

Monday musings – 27 August

Some quick notes about things on my mind heading into this week:

Gratitude: Yesterday I ran a 10k in Philadelphia – the first race I’ve run after an injury earlier this year. While I didn’t run as fast as I once could, the race was still delightful and it reminded me of how much I enjoy running in the city.

Expectation: This week I have the chance to talk with a company I’d love to gain as a client. I generally enjoy conducting “voice of the customer” conversations about the product we have developed but when I’m speaking with a company I admire it makes this all the more interesting.

Check it out: I’m a little late to the party on this one but Netflix has a new documentary series from Ken Burns on Vietnam that is very well done. I’m a few episodes in so far and I am enjoying the music, the historical context, and the way the series is put together. If this kind of thing interests you check it out.


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