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Monday musings – 20 August

Some quick notes about things on my mind heading into this week:

Gratitude: I’ve enjoyed some wonderfully restful vacation time in the past two weeks – both with my family and just with my wife. I am always glad to unplug and unwind a bit over the summer and these times lately have been no exception.

Expectation: I have a couple of opportunities this week to share with company stakeholders about one of our key projects from the past few months. The work has gone well, the team is appropriately proud of what they have accomplished, and the initial feedback we have received has been positive so I am excited to share more broadly with people in the firm about what we are doing.

Check it out: My wife, daughters and I watched Notorious RBG last night, a documentary film about the life and legal career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The film (available to stream on Amazon and likely elsewhere) does a marvelous job of chronicling her life and her work on the Supreme Court and the ways she has inspired many other people; it also paints a beautiful tale of a supportive marriage. Check it out.


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