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Friday reactions – 3 August

I don’t listen to a lot of music. I enjoy music so much that I find it too distracting to listen on headphones during work, and while driving I tend to listen to podcasts or audio books. Because of this there are a lot of albums and artists out there that I plan to listen to which I just haven’t gotten around to yet.

I heard a great podcast this week that brought up an album which has been on my list of things to check out for well over a decade. The Still Processing podcast recently reviewed The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill –  an album now enjoying its 20th anniversary. I’ve heard some Lauryn Hill over the years – both from this album and from the follow up Unplugged album – but this podcast reminded me that I need to dig in more deeply. Check out the albumj if you haven’t listened (or haven’t listened for awhile) and check out the Still Processing podcast (on Apple podcasts and elsewhere) if you want to hear some good thoughts on current issues.


FINAL NOTE: I am on vacation next week and so will most likely not post again until 13 August. Enjoy your week.


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