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Giant Days volume 1

Breaks from work are often a great time for me to read a bunch of comic books and graphic novels and this week has been no exception. Today I finished another book, my 49th for the year, entitled Giant Days by John Allison. This is a book I gave my daughter for Christmas (actually, this year I gave each of my three kids a comic book trade of something I had not read but that critics really enjoyed including Chew and Papergirls) and we both read it in the days since then. She is a new college student as are the protagonists in this book and so I thought she might enjoy reading it – and I knew she would never pick it up on her own. Both of us enjoyed the art and the story, about three girls in their first semester at university confronting sexism, challenging classes, new friendships, personal discovery, illness and heartache. The image above captures the mood of this book well. I’m glad to have given this to my daughter and hope we both read more of this wonderful story.


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