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The Sixth Gun vol 1: Cold Dead Fingers

I’m trying to post my mini book reviews a little faster these days so here are a few notes on the 43rd book I read this year. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Brian Hurtt, the first volume of this graphic novel tells the story of Oliander Bedford Hume, a confederate general in the civil war who came into possession of six guns with evil powers. One of the guns comes to an old preacher, and when he is killed his step-daughter takes up this weapon and so becomes bound in a mysterious quest to unleash vile wickedness upon the earth. As an ally she has Drake Sinclair, a man whose past intersected with Hume and his minions and who may have motives of his own for wanting to keep this sixth gun out of Hume’s hands.

Part horror part western, this comic book series is full of well written characters and incredible art as it weaves a noir story of broken people and potential redemption. As soon as I finished the first volume from Oni Press I downloaded the second and expect to continue reading this fabulous story. I’ve read other things written by Cullen Bunn (mostly in the Marvel universe) and I always enjoy the characters and story arcs he creates. The world of The Sixth Gun is no exception and if you enjoy such tales I encourage you to read it as well.


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