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Pointing Out The Obvious, But With No Clear Answers

Patrick often has insightful words to share on leadership and character; this post is no exception. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Applied Product Management Leadership

 … decisions born of a failed character will have consequences that are “extraordinarily disabling.

I’ve been contemplating this post for a while now, and wasn’t sure how to best approach it until I went back and revisited several posts I had from when I read the Tim Irwin book Derailed: Five Lessons Learned from Catastrophic Failures of Leadership.

Blindspots, self-awareness, ego/pride, humility, servant leadership, integrity, courage.  These were all topics of discussion from the book with respect to the derailment of such leaders as Robert Nardelli from Home Depot, Carly Fiorina from HP, Durk Jager from P&G, Steven Heyer from Starwood, Frank Raines from Fannie Mae, Dick Fuld from Lehman Brothers.

As part of this discussion, I am going to link back to many posts and revisit these traits as a means to point out the obvious, but something for which I have no clear answers.

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