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Drifter: Out of the Night

My 34th book for the year is another graphic novel – volume one of Drifter by Ivan Brandon with art by Nic Klein. The beach is a great place to do lots of reading, and plowing through comic books and graphic novels brings back my youth when I would spend hours reading all the comics I could find on the spinner rack at the grocery store near where we vacationed in North Carolina. 

Drifter is a sort of sci fi western set on a strange planet where the main character – Abram Pollux – crashes and nearly dies. Volume one collects the first five issues which introduce several key characters and begin filling out details on this world. It’s a harsh place captured beautifully in Klein’s art. Unfortunately the story is also hard to follow. I reread most of the book after finishing this volume and even paged backward through parts of it trying to sort out what’s really going on. I’m still not sure. 

This is an interesting world Brandon has created and I am intrigued to discover what’s actually going on – especially after the last panel in the book. But with all the other great books out there I’m just not sure this one grabbed me enough to keep me coming back for answers. If you’ve read this and think I’m missing out please let me know; otherwise I think the first volume of Drifter will likely be the last one I read.


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