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3 Images to Help with Stress

Some great ideas here (with links to more details on each) about managing stress in work and life. The second comes from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits which readers of my blog will know I find very valuable. I’ll be digging into these tools more myself. Hope you enjoy this re-blog and that you think about following the original author as well since Patrick regularly shares good material.

Applied Product Management Leadership

Sometimes you just need good reminders … now is one of those times, for me at least.  Stress is inevitable if you serve in a product management role for any length of time. And while you can’t necessarily control the external circumstances that cause stress, you can manage your reaction to it.

Over the course of time, I’ve come across several resources I found helpful when the various aspects of the product management role inevitably begin to overwhelm me and I get stressed.  In particular, these 3 concepts have helped me keep perspective … that not all stress is bad … that being intentional about focus will help … and that work/life balance CANNOT be ignored. I hope they encourage you as well.

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