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Back on the block

Looking at my posts here for 2015 is a bit depressing.  I started the year full of excitement, with a plan to put up brief posts as often as five times each week on different topics – why that sounded sustainable after several months in which I’d posted only half a dozen times in total I’ll never know.  Needless to say it was overly ambitious, and before long I had dropped back down to only rare posts.  I shared links or re-blogged things I found from other writers but almost completely stopped writing my own blog posts.

Some of that is about being busy.  My work role shifted a bit and I started having a lot more on my plate.  I also work in an ‘open floor plan’ which means no real space at work to think deeply about crafting something meaningful to say.  My colleagues at work – many of whom were initially encouraging when I started blogging a few years ago – were also busy enough that they wanted my focused attention on my ‘real job’ and were in no way troubled that my posts became increasing infrequent.  Even outside of work my life became full of other interests and opportunities, leaving me with little time and energy either during the work week or outside the office to focus on writing.

But in truth it’s not that simple.

Mostly I stopped writing much because I let other things crowd out the mental space I need for reflection.  The year flew by and while I did many things I’m glad to have done – including reading lots of cool things, hanging out with some fun people, working hard on a few key projects, and sampling lots of great beer – I feel like I’ve gotten a bit shallower over the past 12 months.

So I’m going to start carving out time for writing again.  I can’t promise with what frequency I will be posting here, but I’m going to make it a point to set aside time to focus on thinking.  Thinking about the things I’m doing at work and which ones are succeeding or hitting a wall; thinking about what I’m reading and why I like it or find it unsatisfying; thinking about leadership and product development and how my gifts can be useful in those arenas.  Hopefully some of my reflections will make it up here since writing is a great way for me to reflect.  Some of these posts are likely to be short, some a bit rambling, and some that are clearly in ‘the middle of the story’ as I’m trying to figure things out.

If this sounds interesting to you then please follow along.  Reach out in the comments section or on Twitter (@asbiv) and let me know your thoughts.  For my own sake I need to re-engage in the discipline of writing down my thoughts as I wrestle through topics that matter to me.  Hopefully I’m not just talking to myself here, but even if I am I’ll be doing it more regularly.  Enjoy.


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