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State of the blog

The past few months have continued the trend in my life of finding very little time and energy for blogging.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@asbiv) may even have noticed that in the past month I’ve been way down on my tweeting as well.  Lots of factors have contributed to this:

  1. Work and home life have both been extremely busy leaving me little time or intellectual energy for blogging (though this lack of creative capacity hasn’t kept me from some excellent reading and some fun television watching – check out Orphan Black if you get the chance).
  2. My job has kept me focused on a number of tactical items which are harder to draw material from for a more big-picture and strategy-focused blog (I talked some about this here:
  3. Trying to write regularly about multiple different topics actually left me feeling less clear on what to blog about (some of my thoughts about this are here:
  4. Part of why I started blogging and tweeting was to contribute to a wider conversation around topics that interest me (Agile software development and leadership being two of those themes) and so when I’m not getting many responses to my blog posts or tweets it decreases my motivation for writing (though I’ve been glad to reblog good posts I’ve come across from other people in the past month or two).
  5. I’ve also been spending more time pursuing other interests lately – including lots of the reading I mentioned above as well as getting time outside and time with good friends – which has meant less available time to blog.

Over the summer I want to get back to regular blogging (as well as re-invigorating my tweeting).  I’ve got a few ideas about topics I want to discuss, and I also plan to resurface some of my older blog posts that address some key topics that continue to surface on the team that I work with.  I hope to get to posting weekly but we’ll see how it goes.  I think I can make that happen but in truth it’s not that simple.


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