Product management and empowering others

Key summary on the strategic role of the Product Manager throughout the product life cycle.


In a well-run organization, a single role has a single orientation; they either support [individual] customers or they support the market. — Peter Drucker.

Product management is about empowering others. In each stage of the life cycle—before, during, and after product development—the product manager brings clarity to the team.


In the planning/analysis phase, the product manager empowers executives. They have an idea for a product or feature, so the product manager fully defines the problem and examines the business ramifications such as when the feature can be built and what will NOT be built as a result. The product manager empowers executives with business expertise using tools like roadmaps, prioritized feature list, and business goals.

In the design and development stages, the product manager empowers the product team. With a long list of problems or features, the product manager provides priorities and context. The product manager explains the business need…

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