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Ideals power growth

Back in the summer I read an enjoyable book that I tweeted about regularly.  The book is called Grow by Jim Stengel and chronicles the author’s insights on the link between a company’s financial performance and its communication of fundamental human ideals.  Based both on Stengel’s experience as a global marketing officer at Proctor &… Continue reading Ideals power growth


Pop culture

Black Mirror

On the pop culture front, I started watching Black Mirror on Netflix this week.  The first episode of season one was weird, twisted, and interesting.  The second episode was weird, twisted, and unfortunately not so interesting. Anyone else watching this show? What do you think? Should I bother to keep watching it?

Planning · questions


How can I find more time?  There are “too many” things I want or need to get done both personally and professionally – too much on my plate both by responsibility and by choice.  People tell me it’s good to be busy but I disagree.  How can i find more time?