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So I planned to write this week’s pop-culture blog post on the movie The Interview. I watched this movie earlier this week and found it hilarious and ridiculous. I have watched Seth Rogan and James Franco since Freaks and Geeks all the way through This is the End and I find their brand of humor consistently ridiculously funny. This movie was no exception. From the opening scene through to the end I found The Interview funny, insightful, unbelievable, and enjoyable. Thanks to Netflix for having this available on instant download in spite of the controversy around releasing it.

However, instead of talking more fully about this movie I wanted to share thoughts about a podcast that I stumbled across this week. I listen to the This Week in Marvel podcast where they interview random comedians, musicians, actors, and wrestlers who have some vague connection with comics. This week they had Iliza Shlesinger on; she is a standup comedian and host of her own podcast called Truth and Iliza. I listened to one episode of her podcast where she spoke with Neal Brennan. I can tell already that I will want to listen to more episodes where she and her guests complain about all kinds of things.

What about you? What if any podcasts do you listen to? Feel free to post your responses here in the comments or to tweet at me and let me know what you like.


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