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How can I improve?

Today’s question can be asked in a negative way: What am I doing wrong?

But I prefer the more positive spin: What can I do to get better?

Heading into a new year it is not surprising to think about areas of personal and professional growth I would like to pursue in 2015.  From my squash game to my running, from my role in product development to my broader professional career, and from my life with my family to my hunger for self-improvement there are ways I feel stuck, plateaued or like the path forward into growth is not clear.

Resolutions without strategies seem empty to me; I’m not content to say I want to ‘get better’ at something unless I have some concrete objectives and tactics for making progress.

Maybe I am doing something wrong that I need to unlearn, but I’d rather frame this in a hope positive and hopeful way: What can I do to get better?

That’s my question today. Of course I know that in truth it’s not that simple.


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