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Oscar nominations

Since I am working on this blog post as the 2015 Oscar nominations are being announced this morning, I have movies on my mind and I have to say this feels like a great time to be a nerd at the movies.

Superheroes are everywhere.  Guardians of the Galaxy is nominated for two Academy Awards (ok so one is in makeup but still) and three other superhero movies are up for one including X-Men: Days of Future Past, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Big Hero 6.  Birdman is up for several awards (a movie about an actor who used to play a superhero).  I guess I can’t really count the movie Nightcrawler even though he has always been my favorite X-Man.  Marvel continues to roll out great movies and has a plan for more in the next few years that sound awesome.  DC has some interesting plans for movies to come.  And of course there are lots of superheroes on television from both Marvel and DC and more to come (can’t wait for Daredevil to hit Netflix in April).

Star Wars is big again (with JJ Abrams announcing some of the Oscar nominations this morning).  With Chris Pine announcing other awards and Benedict Cumberbatch up for one it’s easy to think about Star Trek as well.  Add in the movies about scientists and astronauts and you get a great crop of nerd-friendly movies this year.

When I was younger (just out of college) I used to see 6-10 movies a month but when the Oscar nominations come out these days I am reminded of how few movies I get to anymore.  I’ll have to put many of this year’s nominees on my list, but I’m glad that at least I’ve seen most of the nerd movies.

What about you?  Any favorite movies from the past year?  Let me know.


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