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Holiday update

Hello blog readers.

With life and work keeping me busy over the past few weeks I have not had the chance to post to my blog as regularly as I want to. I am working on my next post currently and hope to have it up soon, but I have been having trouble getting it truly ready to share. In the meantime, to whet your appetite for the ‘top ten’ list of the core responsibilities of effective Product Owners that I am writing about in this set of posts, here is the full list of topics I will be writing about:

1. Talk with Product Manager

2. Tell stories

3. Tend the backlog

4. Supply subject matter expertise to development team

5. Work with QA

6. Talk with designer, lead coder and tester about what’s coming up

7. Be available and listening

8. Talk about trade-offs

9. Protect the team from distractions

10. Know the product intimately

As always, if you think my list is inaccurate or missing something, please let me know with a comment here, a ‘tweet’ (@asbiv), or in some other way. My list comes out of my own experience trying to serve as a product owner, but I know that in truth it’s not that simple.


One thought on “Holiday update

  1. For #8, maybe consider incorporating the idea of “capturing the key decisions made and the why of the decisions” as part of the trade-off discussion. In my experience, many times the why behind the decision is an important element lost and not always easily remembered after the fact.

    Looking forward to these future posts!

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