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The goal of sprint planning

Early on in this set of blog posts about Agile planning I talked about the common image of the planning onion, in which there are different layers of planning that start with the widest strategic view and progress all the way to daily planning.  So far I have written about strategy and portfolio planning in… Continue reading The goal of sprint planning

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So who decides when someone has to?

In my previous (long) post I talked about navigating potential conflicts that can emerge in Agile planning when a company has an inter-related set of products.  I suggested that product owners have a valuable role to play in navigating these collisions by facilitating communication, articulating trade-offs, recognizing leverage opportunities, and offering a wider perspective.  I… Continue reading So who decides when someone has to?

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The Agile planning onion

I recently heard someone at my firm lodge the following complaint about Agile: ‘The trouble with developing software with Agile is that it tends to be very reactive as we build to satisfy the most recent requests; instead we need a more proactive and long-term approach to thinking about our software development priorities.’  To offer… Continue reading The Agile planning onion